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We have produced images of Groups, Teams and using Green Screen Technology, Virtual Photography as well.

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We Know Youth & Sports Photography

From Action Photography to Group and Individual Sports Photography, photography is our passion. And our Photography Product line is full of gift ideas!

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Welcome to TSS

The Leader in Sports, School and Event Photography

TSS has over 25 million youth photographed since 1983!

TSS Photography has been working with leagues, schools and other groups for over 30 years, providing lasting memories to parents and children in local communities nationwide.

Through our proven “all-inclusive” program, TSS ensures that every Picture Day is professional and hassle free for our customers.

TSS has the experience, knowledge and desire to ensure you have a great Picture Day every time.

We have built a strong reputation of providing top quality service and products over the years and that is why our customers continue to use TSS year after year.

What’s New at TSS

Started in 1983 in Athens, GA and quickly growing into Atlanta, TSS  realized the growing need for photographers that focused primarily on the youth & sports market throughout the nation.

In 1984 TSS opened their first franchise in Cincinnati, OH.

The company soon grew into additional markets such as School and Event Photography, and in 2005, changed their name from The Sports Section to TSS Photography to better represent the different markets that we photograph.

Currently TSS Photography is located in 42 states and has over 220 franchised locations. By photographing over 2 million subjects every year, TSS understands the specific needs of our customers such as associations, leagues, schools, other portrait and event work and has developed a proven “all-inclusive service program” that ensures each Picture Day runs smoothly and efficiently.

With our own lab, TSS Photography is able to ensure all products maintain the high level of quality that customers expect.

TSS offers one of the largest product lines in the industry. We offer quick turnaround of orders so that customers can enjoy their photos right away. In 2004, TSS expanded their lab and moved to a new state of the art facility in Duluth.

Since 1983 TSS Photography has established itself as the preferred Picture Day partner for youth leagues, schools, churches, clubs and organizations of all kinds.

Impact Series an Exclusive TSS Photography Product Line

TSS Photography leads the industry with the variety of products we offer our customers.

Our state of the art facilities include a custom in house photography lab which processes nearly 2 million images each year for TSS Franchise Owners.

TSS produces millions of products every year with these images on them, including: 

mugs, mousepads, t-shirts, clipboards, plaques, calendars, trading cards, memory mates, virtual groups, Impact Posters-Panos-Banners and many others!

Call TSS! 800-336-4550

Over 150 Franchised Locations Nationwide

Located in 42 States

Over 2 million Subjects Photographed Yearly

TSS Photography has been capturing compelling images at indoor and outdoor events of all sizes for 30 years.

We provide complete photography services at events such as Corporate Events, Charity Tournaments, Races, Proms and Marathons, just to name a few.

TSS Photography Headquarters 800-336-4550, X116

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Youth Sports Photography

TSS Sports, A Passion for Youth Photography

With our 30+ years of experience in youth & sports photography, we have gained the expertise to ensure that every Picture Day is a great experience for both the children and parents alike.

Our photographers are able to capture the essence of the sport through the faces of each child, helping parents preserve those precious moments for years to come. Our “all-inclusive” program makes every Picture Day hassle free for leagues, clubs and other youth groups.

We have a strong reputation of consistently offering quality service and products to our customers, and as the industry leader, provide our valued customers with fresh new products and designs every year.

Persona Portraits is your source for high quality photographs in a customized setting that reflect who you are.

Our extensive and unique product line includes framing options, various sizes and ordering options, holiday cards and gift ideas for family and friends.

School Picture Day Photography

Safety First

TSS Customer Order Summary
When you receive your original order from this year’s TSS Picture Day, rest assured that we have gone to great lengths to make sure the anonymity of a child can be protected with our TSS ID system.

Your original order will contain a Customer Order Summary with a great deal of information regarding your recent purchase, including your TSS ID, the key to finding your child’s image in our network, and a free bookmark to encourage reading!

Your TSS ID number is unique to your child’s image, even if multiple shots have been taken, each one will have its own number.

If you’ve misplaced your Customer Order Summary, no problem!

You can find the TSS ID on the back of most of our products using the image you want to re-order. Or, give your local photographer a call so we may assist you in finding your next great gift idea using an image from TSS Photography.

As the nation’s leader in youth & sports photography, TSS Photographs nearly 2 million children every year. Going on-site to ensure each child gets that perfect picture, we also make sure your children are in a safe environment.

Our Certified Safe Program is a requirement of all TSS staff which consists of a national background check and ID badges worn during Picture Day to ensure you know your children’s photographers have been given a Nationwide Background Check. We not only keep in mind the best interests of the community, we are a part of it.

Each and every TSS Franchise is locally owned and operated, supported nationally and giving you the best value for your money, while helping to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Miracle League and other organizations even beyond our support for the groups we work with.

School Picture Day
School Picture Day
School Picture Day
School Picture Day

TSS Photography Has Gone Green

Green screen technology explained

What Exactly Is Green Screen?

Green Screen Technology is the process of photographing a subject in front of a special background (typically bright green or blue).

Computer software is used to replace the special background with a digital background. Choose from beautiful spring and fall scenes, or cool color tones. Even sports arenas, or outdoor locations can be used.

TSS can offer unlimited background options to meet your school and parents needs. TSS Photographers are Green Screen Certified.

It's Easy When You Go Green

Green Screen Technology gives your families what they really want, a FUN memory customized specifically for your group.

No more rescheduling because of bad weather. Picture Day can be indoors every time, and you can still use your field for the background!

TSS Photographers will capture your own field at its best and use that image for your background OR create a fun graphic background and give Picture Day a new look.

Background Shot Of Empty Court
Picture Of Boy Taken Against A Green Screen
Picture Of Boy And Background Put Together

Also, with our patented Virtual Group technology, we can take all the individual photos on a Green Screen and merge them into a team photo without the team having to pose together.

This can make picture day faster and more convenient for your parents by letting them come when they want or alphabetically to get all siblings photographed together instead of hours apart on a given day.

TSS offers the latest in Green Screen, a cutting-edge technology that merges a child’s picture with a custom background! Have you ever had to re-schedule Picture Day because of bad weather or moved indoors only to have a boring or ugly background ruin your picture?

With Green Screen, you will never have this problem again!

You can take all of your pictures indoors and still use your outside field as the background or use of our custom and cool backgrounds to make the photo really stand out.

Do you have construction or some unsightly obstacle around your field that ruins Picture Day? No longer is this an issue. Green Screen will allow you to eliminate these ugly images from your background.

Green Screen technology allows your league, school or other group to choose the background image desired.

  • Have Picture Day in a convenient location
  • Avoid wind and heat
  • Give parents and kids a great picture without the hassles.

Green Screen is just one more reason to use TSS Photography for your next Picture Day. Ask your local TSS Photographer if Green Screen is available in your area.


Proven Business Model

As a franchise owner with TSS Photography, your opportunity for success is accelerated from over 30 years of an unsurpassed track record and a time-tested proven business building model.

Huge Product Lines with National Buying Power

National Buying Power

Because we process over 2 million subjects annually, you can benefit from our ability to negotiate the strongest competitive pricing which we pass on to our franchise owners.

No royalties

Never Pay Royalties

TSS Photography does not charge its franchisees a percentage or minimum monthly royalty. This is critical in maximizing and controlling your bottom line.

TSS Photography Franchises

You have the right to use an established trade name, logo and style. This will allow you to easily differentiate your business with a unique brand identity that is already proven to be successful.

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